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PhotoPixels, LLC Photography Services

Citysearch Audience WinnerWedding Photography Rate

Portrait Rate

Event Photography
EMAIL or call 612-741-2345 for a quote

Commercial Day Rates
Day rate - EMAIL or call 612-741-2345 for a quote
Half day rate -
EMAIL or call 612-741-2345 for a quote
Quarter day rate -
EMAIL or call 612-741-2345 for a quote

There is no MN Sales Tax if the Digital Images are transferred electronically via the internet.

Add Minneapolis Minnesota Sales Tax at 7.775 %, where applicable, if images are burned to a disc for transfer. 

All images are free of any further Royalty fees!

Stock Photo and
Royalty Free Images
All original photo images are available for publication for a reasonable fee, please call 612-822-2580 or EMAIL for a quote. Stock photos are great for wall murals, brochures, books, flyers, interior decorators, Images are not free to use without prior consent! Royalty free images mean that you pay for use of the image once, up front, and do not have to pay any royalties in the future.

For a Quote for Photo Usage, please state:
1) product(s)
2) numbers 
3) specify how much of the page it would occupy; 1/4 page, 1/2 page, 3/4 page, full page, double page, front cover, back cover, web page.  
4) probable term of use

5) Multinational, national, regional or local

Architectural Rate
(On a per project, scene or hourly rate. Call for a quote.)

Food and Restaurant Photography
(On a per project or itemized rate.) Food and Restaurant Samples.

Professional Photography & Digital Graphic Services
Canon Professional Digital Camera Photography. QTVR and Digital Panoramic's. Fine art reproduction. Sculpture reproduction. Copy work. Digital imaging, retouching, enhancement & desktop publishing.


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